Tech Able Virtual Tour

Enabling Village Video Site Tour

  • Introduction to Tech Able and the Enabling Village
  • Tour of Tech Able: Assistive technologies at the Enabling Village
    • A Smart Home and Infocomm Technology Showcase: Explore a wide range of assistive technologies that meet various needs and budgets for different work and living spaces.
    • A Communications Training Lab: A laboratory with computers fully equipped with appropriate assistive peripheral technologies, training courses are conducted here to train and prepare persons with disabilities in employment.
    • An Innovation Space: Innovators, makers, technology start-ups are welcomed to discuss, test ideas and share information on assistive technology. You can look to organise events and workshops in this space.
    • A Centre with Assistive Technology Consultation, Assessment and Training Services:Look for advice on adoption of appropriate assistive technologies with SPD’s assistive technology specialists.
    • An Assistive Technology Showcase and Loan Library: Explore a range of devices and learn about the different considerations in choosing appropriate solutions to meet your needs.
    • An experiential room: You can testbed products for the visually- and hearing-impaired in a fully-equipped soundproof, lightproof room.
  • The Art Faculty by Pathlight – A Shop with a Cause!

About The Enabling Village
The Enabling Village is the first inclusive community space in Singapore dedicated to integrating persons with disabilities by offering retail, lifestyle and training services to the public. It is a joint initiative by SG Enable and the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), in partnership with organisations and individuals from the people and private sectors. The 3 hectares site provides an accessible environment where people of different abilities can come together to learn, work and enjoy leisure activities. For more information, please visit the Enabling Village official website at:

*Included in the 3-day conference programme

The Enabling Village

Photo Credit: Edward Hendricks

Photo Credit: Patrick Bingham-Hall

Photo Credit: Patrick Bingham-Hall