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To deliver quality healthcare with greater efficiency and accuracy, healthcare providers are increasingly relying on e-medical records systems. To efficiently and securely access these, server-based computing is also used to access these systems.

eG Innovations provides a total performance visibility from virtual desktops to e-medical records systems to proactively identify potential performance issues before digital experience is affected.

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Arch’lab Pte. Ltd. (established as Arch’lab Architects in 2004) is a Singapore based architecture, interior design and planning company that focuses on designing research laboratories, healthcare facilities and other healing environment.

We harnessed our specialist knowledge in these areas through over 20 years of project involvements from conceptualization to post occupancy evaluation, that also include a substantial amount of live-wards renovations. As architects and designers with a niche in this area of specialization, our solutions and approaches are informed by our knowledge and experiences of urban design, architecture, interiors, materiality and the nuances of labs and healthcare facilities in creating an enhanced humanistic healing environment. We pride ourselves with the number of repeat clients through the years and having garnered the trust from institutions within Singapore and from the surrounding regions.

Complementing our expertise, we also assist client in project brief development; formulating design strategies and in providing design solutions that respond to emerging technologies, delivery systems and operation models.

In October 2015, we merged with Basler & Hofmann (Singapore) Lifesciences and became a subsidiary company of Basler & Hofmann Switzerland.

Our ethos

We believe in building trust and long lasting relationship from each of our project endeavor – where clients become trusted partners.

UEM Edgenta is a leading Asset Management and Infrastructure Solutions company in the region. Listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia, our expertise covers Healthcare Support and Property & Facility Solutions within our Asset Management offering, and Infrastructure Services along with OPUS Consultants, our Asset Consultancy arm within Infrastructure Solutions. UEM Edgenta has operational presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, India and the Middle East region.

Edgenta Healthcare Support offers innovative healthcare support services and property and facility solutions to exceed our customers’ diverse needs, providing non-clinical healthcare support services to government and private hospitals.

Galileo Platforms is a technology company serving the insurance sector. Using blockchain technology we connect all participants in the insurance industry efficiently and in real-time.  Our platform drives efficiency through the entire value chain by having a central source of encrypted client and contract data that the distributor, insurer and reinsurer all use with permissioned access.

The benefits of our solution are:

  • Access to new market segments
  • Easier product innovation
  • Simpler, faster and cheaper transactions
  • Access to in-depth data analytics

In short, the cost and speed to market with innovations is reduced significantly; thereby opening up new revenue growth opportunities.

Operating since 2013, Lakeba is an established technology innovator with extensive experience delivering solutions that incorporate latest technologies such as AI, Mixed Reality and blockchain. With 150 staff, the company is headquartered in Sydney, NSW, with offices in Europe, UK, USA, and India. Through their unique business platform Lakeba rapidly creates, builds and scales new products and services to drive value for businesses and communities across the globe.

We are a technological start-up that provides access to updated knowledge to healthcare professionals. Our in-house Semantic AI technology understands unstructured text-based data, such as clinical records or scientific papers. It is in the cutting-edge of Cognitive Computing that includes Linguistics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Machine Learning sciences, and responds to doctor’s questions with the most accurate answers.

Corporate Sponsor

Incorporated in 2001, Cordlife Group Limited (“Cordlife”, together with its subsidiaries) is a consumer healthcare group and one of the key providers of cord blood and cord lining/tissue banking services in Asia. Cordlife has been listed on the mainboard of Singapore Exchange (SGX: P8A) since March 2012.

Beyond cord blood and cord lining/tissue banking, Cordlife offers a comprehensive suite of diagnostics services for the family including urine based newborn metabolic screening, non-invasive prenatal testing, paediatric vision screening and family genetic screening services.

For more information, visit https://www.cordlife.com/.