Healthcare Facilities Asia

Hospital expansion, strong M&A deals, robust investment, modern design and physical layouts, future-proofing vs. enabling hospitals and other advances in healthcare facilities in Asia put the patient in the center of the planning. Asian hospitals have grown in size, models of care have changed, modern advances and innovations are enabling more adaptability to new technologies and increasing utilisation of per square foot efficiencies.

The 7th Annual Healthcare Facilities Asia, as part of the 6th Asia Healthcare Week in turn gathers healthcare leaders from the region and aims to navigate the current trends of healthcare facilities by examining case studies of modern medical infrastructure while having a look at the vast healthcare investment seen in the region, along with the hot off the press commercial updates on what is to be the future of healthcare facilities.

Conference Highlights:

  • Future hospitals and industry 4.0
  • Revamping facilities management – Hospital 4.0 and digitalisation
  • Global healthcare accreditations and benchmarks
  • Implementation smart building technology case studies
  • Regional hotspots on hospital investments, expansion, and M&A deals
  • Country focused case studies
  • VCs perspectives on funding and partnering with healthcare establishments
  • Virtual Reality (VR) for hospital design
  • Architects’ roundtable – The trend in hospitals design, planning, and operating considerations
  • Innovation in design and space for infection control
  • The increase in telemedicine, and incorporating its impact on hospital design
  • Using data and insights for location decisions akin to the retail industry
  • Overcrowding prevention with scalable room designs
  • Centralising facilities management for consistent service delivery
  • Emerging concepts in safety for healthcare facilities
  • Digital hospitals