Healthcare Facilities Asia Agenda

Day 1: Wed, 27 May 2020

Main Conference Registration and Morning Coffee

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

 6th Asia Healthcare Week 2020
Day 1: Joint Opening Plenary Session
(4th Digital Healthcare, 14th Health Insurance, 7th Healthcare Facilities)

Redefining Leadership in the Age of Technology Disruption: Engage, Empower and Enable*

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Beyond 2020 –How Innovation, Scalable Technologies and Partnerships will reshape the sector

  • Service delivery models and patient experience touchpoints
  • Recent innovation game changers
  • Investment trends in infrastructure and technology
  • Private insurance and how product and pricing developments are having an impact

Manisha Kumar, Hospital Head & General Manager, Columbia Asia Hospitals, India

Esti Shelly, Director, Digital Health, Ministry of Health Israel, Israel
Ng Kian Swan, Chief Operating Officer, JurongHealth Campus, Singapore
Dr. Ramadan AlBlooshi, Chief Executive Officer, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai
Jenny Shao, Health Information Systems Director, United Family Healthcare, China
Julian Mengual, Chief Executive Officer and Country Manager, Cigna, Thailand

Morning Networking & Refreshment Break

7th Healthcare Facilities Asia – Day 1 Commences


Future Hospitals and Industry 4.0 – Facility Design Planning and Technology  

  • Engineering and operational insights
  • Leveraging on Industry 4.0 to optimise hospitals’ operational performance
  • Technology deployment for patient safety and experience
  • Investing in integration of next generation data systems

Ng Kian Swan, Chief Operating Officer, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, Director, Jurong Community Hospital, Director, Jurong Medical Centre, and Data Protection Officer, Jurong Health Campus

Dubai Healthcare City – Regulating High-Tech Facilities with Smart Services, and Future Upscaling Plans 

  • Regulating the world’s largest free healthcare zone
  • Facilities transformation roadmap andcapital investment allocation
  • Developing a regional medical hub andinvestment opportunities
  • Quality first – Strategies in maintaining world-class standards

Dr. Ramadan AlBlooshi, Chief Executive Officer, Dubai Healthcare City, United Arab Emirates

China’s Healthcare Facilities Development and Market Outlook

  • China healthcare services demand-supply
  • Chengdu – Where the rubber meets the road for facilities upgrading, new-build and investment
  • Perennial’s integrated real-estate and healthcare strategy
  • Modern, patient-centric and future-proof facilities in plan
  • Where else do we see and seek partnerships in China?

Dr. Khoo Chow Huat, Chief Executive Officer Healthcare, Perennial Healthcare, China

The Design Option that Provides A Holistic Care Environment

  • A case study of an integrated regional hospital project
  • Harmonising the operational components – Seamless operations, design and facility planning and patient-centric spaces
  • Flexible design for acute care and intermediate and long-term care

Richard Thong, Director of Operations, Sengkang General Hospital, Singapore

Women in Health Leadership Lunch Panel

The healthcare sector is seeing rapid changes, be it technology, commercial models, etc.; however, how is the sector stacking up on gender equality, diversity, and inclusivity? The lunch panel will explore the signs of progress on advancement in women in leadership, and how companies are accelerating change in this area. Besides, the session will celebrate the achievements of women in the healthcare sector.

Women in Health Leadership Panel:
Cultivating the Next-Gen of Women Leaders in Healthcare

  • Why does gender equality matter on the board?
  • Key challenges facing women leaders in healthcare
  • Management efforts to address some of these challenges, and remaining gaps
  • Reflections on the journey to the top
  • Breaking the glass ceiling: Lessons learnt along the way, and advice to my younger self

Panellists to be confirmed

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Key Considerations when Implementing a Digital Strategy within Healthcare Facilities

  • Challenges and limitations when attempting integration of digital strategy to facilities in Asia
  • Demonstrating the advantages of incorporating a digital strategy
  • The role of EHR

Prof. Keith McNeil, Acting Deputy Director-General and Chief Clinical Information Officer, Clinical Excellence Queensland, Queensland Health, Australia

Trends in Hospital Design, Planning, and Operations 

  • Increasing hospital efficiency through design and operations
  • How global trends are impacting regional hospital designs
  • Future-ready hospital planning in Singapore

Low Hsien Chih, Deputy-Director of Operations, Alexandra Hospital, Singapore

The Increase in Telemedicine, and Incorporating Its Impact on Hospital Design

  • Tele health impact on space, design, and operations
  • Smaller space, greater specialisation – How telemedicine is making hospitals more compact?
  • Case Study: Designing a tele health facility

Yasser Quraishy, Executive Director, Manzil Healthcare, United Arab Emirates

Afternoon Coffee and Networking Break


This session will host select project investments committed by State and private healthcare establishments from the region, and their new partnerships. Investment areas relating to design, operations and smart facilities will be in focus.

Expansion of the Hoa Lam-Shangri-La Healthcare Park

Bao Tran, Planning and Marketing Director, City International Hospital, Vietnam

RM1bn Investment Plan for Accessible Healthcare in Selangor

Nurul Muaz, Chief Executive Officer, Selgate Healthcare, Malaysia

Bahrain & Oman:
Capital Expansion Across South Asia and the Gulf

Surjit Puruhutjit, General Manager, KIMS Bahrain, Bahrain
Gulshan VijayShankar, General Manager, KIMS Oman, Oman

Medical Tourism – Public Hospitals’ Pain, Private Hospitals’ Gain?

  • Examining the impact of medical tourism and needed facilities beyond 2020
  • Private hospitals expansion, investments and design preference outlook

Datuk Dr. Kiljit Singh, Medical Director, Prince Court Medical Center, President, Association Private Hospitals Malaysia (APHM)

Group Level Investment, Expansion and Going Public

Elizabeth Dantes, President, Manila Doctor’s Hospital, Philippines

Common Pitfalls of Investing And Operating In Chinese Healthcare

Dr. Louis Tan, Chief Operating Officer, OUE Lippo, Singapore

Virtual Reality (VR) for Hospital Design

  • Adopting VR as a mainstream application in hospital design
  • Benefits of using VR in healthcare facilities planning
  • Improving scalability in hospitals with VR

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Case Study: Project Update, Investment and Refurbishment

Dr. Aung Pyae Kyaw, Executive Director, Asia Royal Hospital, Myanmar

How and Why of Bumrungrad Flagship Hospitals Facilities are Major Part of the Group’s Business Transformation Strategy?

Dr Chatchai Arthur Yachantha, Division Director – Patient Experience & Engagement Services, Bumrungrad Hospital, Thailand

End of Conference Day 1


*Programme timing and speakers may change based on market development

Day 2: Thur, 28 May 2020

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

6th Asia Healthcare Week 2020
Day 2: Joint Opening Plenary Session
(4th Digital Healthcare Summit, 14th Health Insurance, 7th Healthcare Facilities)

Plenary Session:

5 start-ups will be selected to conduct elevated pitches to the audience members. In the room, there will be investors, VCs, hospital owners, healthcare Service providers and regulators.

Healint: Migraine Buddy, the world’s largest migraine tracking and research platform
Francois Cadiou
, CEO & Founder, Healint, Singapore

Chairperson’s Summary, and Live Voting Results

Morning Networking & Refreshment Break

7th Healthcare Facilities Asia – Day 2 Commences


Case Study of Infrastructure Projects – From Good Patient Experience Practices to Great Patient Experiences

  • A view on transforming business – Why modern infrastructure equipped properties matter?
  • Transforming infrastructure project related business processes – From paper to CRM throughout
  • Investing in digital applications in latest facilities

David Thomas Boucher, Chief Business Transformation Officer, Bumrungrad Hospital, Thailand

Quality-Driven Patient Care: Realigning the Modern Specialty Infrastructure 

  • Identifying the gaps in the journey of improving healthcare outcomes
  • How to build the perfect, patient-centric experience
  • Cost-effective strategies to increase healthcare quality

Ala Atari, Chief Executive Officer, Emirates Specialty Hospital, United Arab Emirates

Understanding the Financials Involved in Operating and Maintaining Modern Medical Facilities

  • Embracing digitisation to increase overall profitability
  • Meeting the needs of increased patient experience and care
  • Funding expansion and M&As

Manisha Kumar, General Manger, Head of Operations, Columbia Asia Hospitals, India

Healthcare Recruitment Outlook Presentation & Lunch

APAC is a hotbed for new hospitals in expansion and accommodating changing business models for transforming services. This is cresting new demands on workforce recruitment.

Healthcare Recruitment Outlook:
Building a Successful Recruitment & Retention Strategy for the Healthcare Workforce

  • Healthcare HR market breakdown by segment
  • Challenges and opportunities in talent succession
  • Changes in talent sourcing models
  • Compensation and benefit schemes for better staff retention
  • What’s the state of diversity recruitment in healthcare?
  • Digital health and its implications on the healthcare workforce

Speaker to be confirmed

Registration is not limited to conference participants and we encourage all who are in the healthcare industry to attend. Register now, and email  

Digital Disruption in Modern Hospitals

  • Advantages of applying robotic technology in hospitals.
  • Considerations when integrating robotic technology into healthcare facilities.
  • Preparing for an evolving medical landscape with adaptive facilities design.

Abdulrazaq Ameri, Hospital Director, Al Kuwait Hospital, United Arab Emirates


India’s Spend Trends in Design, Build and Accreditation

  • What are the trends of regional hospital accreditations in India?
  • Developments in accreditation regarding design, planning and safety?
  • Safety benchmarks and regulatory considerations

Dr. Alexander Thomas, President, Association of Healthcare Providers India, India

Emerging Concepts in Safety Benchmarks for Healthcare Facilities

  • Preparing healthcare facilities for an aging population
  • Understanding safety measures that are safe and maintainable
  • Adopting adequate patient-centric infrastructure
  • How to effectively negate hospital hazards

Shekhar Sinha, Allied-Health Director, Thye Hua Kwan Hospital (Ang Mo Kio), Singapore


A Partnership-Based Approach to Embracing New Technologies and Solutions

  • Implementation of IoT platforms and solutions though collaboration
  • Innovative and alternate solutions for quality patient care

Varun Khanna, Director, Siloam Hospital, Indonesia

Afternoon Networking Break

Design and Operational Criteria for Multi-specialty Healthcare Facilities in India

  • Understanding the differing needs of specialised care
  • A focus on tertiary and quaternary care
  • Effective application of precision medicine

Dr. Chandrika Kambam, Director, Clinical Operations, HealthCare Global Enterprise, India

End of Conference Day 2

*Programme timing and speakers may change based on market development

Tuesday, 26 May 2020, 9:00am to 5:00pm

Pick-up at One Farrer Hotel & Spa

Site Visit at the Enabling Village
Location: 20 Lengkok Bahru #01-06, Singapore 159053

  • Introduction to Tech Able and the Enabling Village
  • Tour of Tech Able: Assistive technologies at the Enabling Village
    • A Smart Home and Infocomm Technology Showcase: Explore a wide range of assistive technologies that meet various needs and budgets for different work and living spaces.
    • A Communications Training Lab: A laboratory with computers fully equipped with appropriate assistive peripheral technologies, training courses are conducted here to train and prepare persons with disabilities in employment.
    • An Innovation Space: Innovators, makers, technology start-ups are welcomed to discuss, test ideas and share information on assistive technology. You can look to organise events and workshops in this space.
    • A Centre with Assistive Technology Consultation, Assessment and Training Services:Look for advice on adoption of appropriate assistive technologies with SPD’s assistive technology specialists.
    • An Assistive Technology Showcase and Loan Library: Explore a range of devices and learn about the different considerations in choosing appropriate solutions to meet your needs.
    • An experiential room: You can testbed products for the visually- and hearing-impaired in a fully-equipped soundproof, lightproof room.
  • The Art Faculty by Pathlight – A Shop with a Cause!

About The Enabling Village
The Enabling Village is the first inclusive community space in Singapore dedicated to integrating persons with disabilities by offering retail, lifestyle and training services to the public. It is a joint initiative by SG Enable and the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), in partnership with organisations and individuals from the people and private sectors. The 3 hectares site provides an accessible environment where people of different abilities can come together to learn, work and enjoy leisure activities. For more information, please visit the Enabling Village official website at:

Local Luncheon

Departure from the Enabling Village

Site Visit at Sengkang General Hospital

Location: 110 Sengkang E Way, Singapore 544886

*Details of the facility to be confirmed later

About Sengkang General Hospital (SKH)
Sengkang General Hospital (SKH) forms a vital part of Singapore’s master plan to provide quality and accessible care to better serve the healthcare needs in North-Eastern Singapore. The 1000-bed hospital opened its doors on 18 August 2018 and is one of Singapore’s public hospitals. Offering a wide spectrum of specialist clinics and co-located with Sengkang Community Hospital, SKH will be part of the newest integrated hospital campus delivering multi-disciplinary and patient-centric care covering all major healthcare disciplines. For more information, please visit SKH’s official website at:

Departure from Sengkang General Hospital

Arrival at One Farrer Hotel & Spa

The Enabling Village

Photo Credit: Edward Hendricks

Photo Credit: Patrick Bingham-Hall

Photo Credit: Patrick Bingham-Hall