Digital Healthcare

Asia Pacific healthcare establishments have one goal, to provide excellent patient care. Healthcare delivery models are disrupted by digital transformations; promising future of AI, virtual HCP engagement, intelligent automation, process optimization applications, and intelligent disease treatment systems are ripe for adoption.

The 4th Digital Healthcare, as part of the 6th Asia Healthcare Week, lines up healthcare industry changemakers, technology visionaries, startups who unravel digital transformation trends in healthcare, center stage use cases for emerging tech in healthcare, and outlay investments and partnership opportunities available in Asia Pacific.

Conference Highlights:

  • Asia Pacific’s future of healthcare with AI
  • Delivering personalised, patient-centric healthcare with AI and health chatbots
  • Smart, assistive technology and Robotic applications in healthcare
  • Future of surgery – How digital and robotic applications are shaping the landscape?
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to improve Administrative workflow assistance in healthcare
  • Best practices in patient data privacy and security
  • Big Data, Electronic Health Records and Health Governance
  • Digital Biomarkers in Healthcare- Biosensors, Wearables and mHealth
  • A Digital Health Imperative: Harmonising healthcare systems
  • Revolutionising patient experience with immersive tech like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (AR)
  • Achieving the right balance— technology and patient care
  • Telemedicine and remote-collaboration solutions for medical care
  • Startup and accelerators showcase
  • Commercialisation of digital healthcare innovations