Day 1

9 May 2018, Wednesday

Main Conference Registration and Morning Coffee

IBC Asia’s Welcome Address

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Opening Keynote Session 
Joint Plenary Sessions with 5th Healthcare Facilities Asia Summit

Keynote Address:
Leadership in Disruptive Times
Yitzhak Peterburg, Chairman, Teva Pharmaceutical

Healthcare Leaders’ High – Level Panel: 
Responding to the Changing Landscape in Healthcare Services delivery in Asia, and Globally

  • Where is the healthcare services market headed, and how is it influencing investment?
  • How are specific demand segments impacting the need for facilities and insurance?
  • Empowered patients and their influence on quality of care 
  • Digitalisation touchpoints – are we adapting fast enough?
  • How an ageing population affects digital technologies and healthcare design, and health insurance
  • Possibility of everyone gets insured  

Budi Legowo, Group Director of Finance, Siloam Hospitals, Indonesia
Stephen Chan, Acting Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Woodlands Integrated Health Campus
Simon Johnson, Head of Claims, QBE Asia Pacific, Singapore
Angela Hunter, Chief Customer, Marketing & Digital Officer, Prudential Singapore 

Morning Networking and Refreshment Break

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
Raj Juta, Insurance Leader, SEA, Deloitte Singapore

Industry Roundtable
Addressing the Catalyst of Change – Rethinking Business Models, Technology and Product Innovations

  • How payers, health insurers, pharma companies and government agencies are adjusting the transformation
  • How are m-health technology, digital heath and big data disturbing current health insurance business models? 
  • Product strategy consideration on cost inflation, reproducing new incentives and payment structures   
  • Essential business strategies for the health insurer of the future 

Angela Hunter, Chief Customer, Marketing & Digital Officer, Prudential Singapore
Ted H Minkinow, Group Chief Information Officer, Fullerton Health, Singapore
Neil Narale, Health & Benefits Leader Singapore, Mercer Marsh Benefits

Customer Experience and Business Transformation

  • Huge Investment in robotic, artificial intelligence and data analytics experience – what does it mean for the customer?
  • Prudential Singapore’s industry-first intelligent chatbot-customer-centric approach
  • Silver tech: health care & technology
  • Case study on customer experience outcome

Angela Hunter, Chief Customer Officer, Prudential Singapore

Asia Pacific Health Insurance Market

Asia Pacific 2018 – 2019 Health Insurance and Marco Economic Outlook

  • Asia Pacific market growth, opportunity and challenges  
  • Macro perspectives on economic, technology, customer and evolving regulatory regimes  
  • Health insurance premiums, pricing and competition 
  • Projection on inflation, costs and reimbursement

Raj Juta, Insurance Leader, SEA, Deloitte Singapore

Networking Lunch

New Policy Update:
Medical Fee benchmarks – protecting patients and doctors

  • Information asymmetry, rising healthcare costs, and SMA’s Guideline on Fees
  • Transparency of healthcare costs in Singapore
  • Other important initiatives [e.g. review hospital charges, public education, insurance product redesign]

Dr. Tien Hua Wong, President, Singapore Medical Association

Singapore:Uncover Alternatives to Balance Medical Costs in Singapore 

  • Gap in Medical coverage for chronic or major illnesses (Cancer, Cardiovascular disease)
  • Personal medical insurance policy for coverage
  • First ever study on International medical benefits for expats and traveling employees
  • Case study on Singapore employee health and benefits

Neil Narale, Health & Benefits Leader Singapore, Mercer Marsh Benefits

Government Update: Establishing e-payment for Health Care in Thailand

A/Prof. Polawat Witoolkollachit, Director of Information and Communication Technology Centre, Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand

Afternoon Networking Break 

Myanmar Insurance Market-The last frontier of insurance in South East Asia

  • High potential of Myanmar Insurance Market in the context of various products existing in the market
  • Market access needs to know for new ones

Dr Maung Maung Thein, Former Deputy Minister of Finance, Myanmar, Executive Chairman, ZICO Law Myanmar

Product Innovations and the Digital Strategy 

The Digital Transformation in Customer Engagement and Internal Technology Adoption
Jeremy Goro, Regional Industry Manager-Insurance, Google APAC, Hong Kong

Disruptive Innovations and their Impact on Health Insurance

  • Keeping abreast with various innovations; Wearable technologies, personalised medications, artificial organs, etc.
  • Big data mining and making sense in product innovation
  • Arrival of AI and how it is reshaping the healthcare sector
  • How these affecting the Industry - What’s coming next? 

Rajesh Sinha, Regional Director- Accident and Health, First Capital Insurance Limited

Using Digital Strategy to Innovate Desired Health Insurance Product

  • Building a strategic partnership but not optional
  • Data is King – making use of it to create products
  • Managing inefficiencies and fraud

Ted H Minkinow, Group Chief Information Officer, Fullerton Health, Singapore

End of Conference Day One

5th Annual Healthcare Facilities Asia Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Smart Healthcare Facilities

Regional Healthcare Facility Operators’ Roundtable: 
Making Smart Investment for Smarter Hospitals 

  • Leadership thoughts on what makes hospitals smart
  • Linking smart decisions with structural, operational safety, technology and design at a reasonable cost-to-benefit ratio 
  • Demonstrating linkages to quality of service and patient outcomes
  • Technology trends visible, and being applied in healthcare facilities

Dr. Raja Sekhar Gujju, Chief Executive Officer – Northern Emirates (Affordable Segment), Anglo Arabian Healthcare, United Arab Emirates
More panelists to be confirmed

Trends in Ergonomic and Evidence Based Design

Safety and Quality Excellence through Facility Design

  • Standards and trends that are improving in-patient experience
  • Considerations for future proofing when designing a new facility
  • Additional safety considerations when upgrading an existing facility
  • Reducing patient risks through facility design

John Yoon, Director (Asia Pacific), Joint Commission International, Singapore

Networking Lunch

Case Study: 
National Centre for Infectious Diseases; The role of Healthcare Facility design in Infection Control
This session will focus on how the factors of a healthcare facility influences the possibility of infection, and how to influence these factors to control infection. These factors include, proper administration of healthcare wastes, design of patient care areas, design of operating rooms and maintaining air quality to reduce chances of in-patient infection.

Goh Mia Siang, Director of Facilities Management, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore*

Internal Collaboration and Integrated Service Design for Improved Patient Outcomes

  • How does feedback of Internal End Users (Surgeons, Operating Rooms, Nursing, Administration) help design better
  • Close look at Operational efficiencies
  • More answerability for the design, manpower costs for operating hospital,
  • Better compartmentalization of Diagnostic and Therapeutic areas
  • Use of changing way of Informational Technology, Minimal Invasive Techniques, reducing foot print of Hospital size

Santosh Rathi, Senior VP – Biomedical Services, Columbia Asia Hospitals, India

Improving Patient Care through Developing Ergonomic and Safe Operating Rooms

  • How does a proficiently designed operating room reduce surgical site infections and medical errors
  • How can facility design improve safety of healthcare staff and patients?   
  • Human factors and safer design in highlight    
  • Management of hazardous substance handling, operation and meeting OSHA
  • Case study of specifics proficiently designed operating room

For speaking opportunities, please contact Natalie Wee Tel: +65 65082876 | Email:

Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break

Transformation and Innovation in Purpose-Build Facilities 

Aged Care Hubs & Facility Investment, Build and Design Guidelines

  • Geriatric healthcare facilities planning
  • Need of the aged healthcare hubs
  • Gaps in geriatric healthcare
  • Segments and sub segments required for integrated aged healthcare
  • Financing of geriatric healthcare hubs
  • Role of IT in aged healthcare hubs

Dr Koppala Ravi Babu, Chief Admin Officer, Prof and HOD, Department of Hospital Administration, Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, India

The Human Factor in Design Aspect of Healthcare Facilities

  • The role of healthcare facilities design in minimizing human errors during the delivery of care
  • How considerations of the human factor improve clinical and operational transformation
  • Human factor’s engineering strategies that deliver excellence in patient centric care

Dr. Yin Shan Qing, Senior Principal Human Factors Specialist, KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital, Singapore

Case Study: 
Clinical Perspectives Case Study: Clustering Centers of Excellence
The session will address the upward trend of clustering healthcare facilities to forge centers of excellence and the influence it has on the patient’s health outcome

Chairperson’s Summary and End of Main Conference Day One

Digital Healthcare Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Healthcare Innovations and Market Trends

Emerging Technologies Disrupting Healthcare Industry – What is Next?

  • Development of new emerging technologies
  • Artificial Intelligent (AI) and Virtual reality (VR) 
  • Digital health and point-of-care testing diagnostics    
  • Wearable devices and 3D printed medical devices    
  • Digital technology for early disease detection, personalised treatment and prevention

Ravinder Sajwan, Chief Executive Officer, Renew Group Private Limited

Industry Panel Discussion:
Embracing Technology Disruption in Various Industries

  • How have different industries been transforming and the main drivers behind what they are doing in the digital space
  • How can consumers be engaged via technology
  • How can consumer behaviors be changed
  • What can be applied to the healthcare industry and how will business models be affected
  • How can we remove the barriers for digitalisation

Loh Yong Joo, Consultant, National Healthcare Group
(more panelists to be confirmed)

For speaking opportunity please contact

Investment Trends in Digital Health Market

  • Investors’ appetite for digital health
  • Key sectors highlight of investment trends in the Asian region – Mobile wireless and wearables, data analytics, IoT, Population Health Management and telemedicine
  • How healthcare providers should adapt digital transformation?  
  • Comparison of digital health startup a nd investment trends among US, China and ASEAN countries

Jiayuan Luo, Investment Officer, International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Networking Lunch

Digital Transformation of Healthcare Systems

Establishing the Market Drivers for Transforming Digital Health

  • Personalised care
  • Precision medicine
  • Patient expectations
  • Cost reductions
  • Process efficiency

For speaking opportunity please contact

Woodlands Hospital Case Study:
Innovations in Patient Care through Artificial intelligence and Robotics

  • The widespread adoption of technology to improve the patient care experience
  • Making use of artificial intelligence to make sense large amount of data   
  • Clinicians and nurses use of electronic wristbands to monitor patients      
  • Deploying robotics to automate back-end logistics – food services, housekeeping and the central sterile supplies

Stephen Chan, Acting Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Woodlands Integrated Health Campus

Leveraging Advanced Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning in Healthcare – the Actual Experience and the Future

  • Definition and overview of machine learning for users
  • The use for machine learning in population health management with a focus on the payers’ perspective
  • The actual experience – constraints, challenges, and requirements to effectively implement machine learning approaches
  • Future directions and developments in machine learning

Daniel K. Addyson, Lead Data Scientist, Aetna International

Afternoon Networking Break

Case Study: Blockchain-based Personal Healthcare Record Operating System – Data security and other opportunities

  • Using artificial intelligence for patients treatments

Ray-Jade Chen, Superintendent, Taipei Medical University Hospital

Synergy in Healthcare IoT, Biopharma & MedTech Space

  • The increasing need to enhance awareness and adoption of the growing innovation in mHealth & connected health technologies by practicing doctors
  • Collaboration and partnerships amongst biopharma companies, IoT and MedTech companies for better utilization of these innovations

Business Head (General Manager) - Metabolics, Biocon Ltd

Digital Healthcare Touchpoints

How Big Data and Data Mining is Impacting the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry
Julie Olszewski, Executive Director, MSD Global Innovation Hub, MSD

Artificial Intelligence and Telemedicine in Screening for Diabetic Eye Center

  • Artificial intelligence using deep learning system (DLS) had sparked tremendous interest globally over the last few years
  • Three major ocular conditions, including diabetic retinopathy (DR), age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and glaucoma require screening and long-term follow up, exerting tremendous manpower and financial demand on the global eye care systems from the developed and developing countries
  • The use of artificial intelligence and telemedicine as an optimal long term solution to at least screen and monitor most of these stable patients within the primary eye care settings
  • Various methods in implementing artificial intelligence for countries with and without existing DR screening programs
  • Potential challenges in the development of AI algorithm for DR screening

Daniel Ting, Assistant Professor, Singapore National Eye Center, Clinical Lead, Artificial Intelligence in Ophthalmology

Improvement by Design: How New Technologies Enable Value in Health

  • Smart health video consultation: patient and provider perspectives
  • AI driven Chatbot’s: user experiences and potential impact  
  • Machine learning technology to improvement hand hygiene

Dirk De Korne, Deputy Director, Medical Innovation & Care Transformation, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Case Study:
Data Science and Patient Safety

  • Using machine learning, visualization, deep learning in patient safety
  • Introducing the concept of digital transformation and design thinking (customer journey maps) in context of patient safety

Sujoy Kar, Chief Medical Information Officer and Vice President, Apollo Hospitals

End of Conference Day One


Day 2

10 May 2018, Thursday

Chairwoman’s Opening Remarks
Elaine Chan, Chief Health Officer, Zurich Insurance Company

Customer Centric Products and Commercial Strategy

Asia Pacific Business Owners’ Views on Rethinking Health Insurance Benefits

  • Keeping up with premium and coverage changes for 2018 – 2019  
  • How can we achieve lower costs and gain maximum benefits? 
  • What is the best policy that covers employee health benefits?    

Dr. Yi Mien Koh, Managing Director, Health & Employee Benefits, AXA

Optimising the Claim Experience in Health Insurance

  • Putting the customer first
  • Using technology to speed up processes
  • Process optimisation
  • Skilling for success

Simon Johnson, Head of Claims, QBE Asia Pacific, Singapore

Healthcare Delivery in the Digital Age

  • Technology -Transforming global healthcare-value added services for consumers and business partners
  • Latest trends and potential applications of exponential technologies overview: including genetics testing, robotics, artificial intelligence and 3D printing
  • Potential impact on health insurance, and the benefits for individuals, the community and the economy.

Dawn Soo, Head of Strategy, Health & Wellness, Cigna

Morning Break

Customised Product Innovation on Comprehensive Coverage: Disease Specific or One – Package – Fits – All? Example: Diabetics, Infectious Diseases, etc.
Zia Zaman, Chief Innovation Officer, Metlife Asia (lumenlab) Singapore*

Product Design for better Quality to Client, best-in-class solution
Senior representative from Chubb*

Case Study:
How Insurance Products Need to Adapt to Transformation from Other Sectors

  • Rethinking product innovation and strategy in the digital age  
  • How to achieve innovation, dependability and sophistication for your product offerings   
  • What customers want?
  • Reducing the complexities in the health insurance purchase plans, operational efficiency and transparent packages with flexible solutions

Walter de Oude, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Life


Moving Towards Customer Centricity through Transparency, Information and Technology  

  • Empowering customers -  access to information and taking control of their health care decisions 
  • Transparent information and freedom of choice for customers
  • How can we utilize m-health technologies to build relationships and understand customers’ behavior?
  • Digital trends, how can insurers react?
  • Improving operational efficiency and reducing operational costs

Elaine Chan, Chief Health Officer, Zurich Insurance Company

Rosaline Chow Koo, Founder & CEO of CXA*
Walter de Oude CEO, Singapore Life
Dr Tarek Nassar, Chief Executive Officer, Kirontech, United Kingdom

Cost Control and Claims Management through Technology

How to Gain Huge Savings through Automation

For speaking opportunity, please contact

Using Machine Learning to Help Detect Fraud Waste and Abuse in Health Insurance Claims

  • Medical necessity based FWA is predominate
  • Claim loss based FWA: how much should we pay exactly?
  • Behavioral (collusion network) based FWA detection: the key to find systematic abusers

Dr Tarek Nassar, Chief Executive Officer, Kirontech, United Kingdom

How Digital Health Can Help Insurance Companies to Evaluate Risk Effectively and Provide the Basis for a New Business Model?
Elaine Chan, Chief Health Officer, Zurich Insurance Company 

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Investment and Expansion

A Strategic Update on Healthcare Facilities Investment, Expansion and Retrofit

  • 2018/2019 global healthcare sector spending  
  • Asian patient segmentation and demand for new facilities 
  • Understanding the investment climates for new hospitals and establishments   
  • Investing, expanding and retrofitting – who is doing what in the region

For speaking opportunities, please contact Natalie Wee Tel: +65 65082876 | Email:

Indonesian Case study – The Rapid Expansion of Siloam Hospitals in Emerging Markets

  • Considering factors for Greenfield vs. Brownfield & Acquisition ventures
  • Raising equity for rapid expansion in emerging markets
  • Project updates and opportunities from Siloam Hospitals

Budi Legowo, Group Director of Finance, Siloam Hospitals, Indonesia

Healthcare Operations & Productivity Management
Case Study: Designing a Healthcare Facility for an Emerging Market
  • Working with government initiatives and differences in policies in the Northern Emirates
  • How a population’s needs affect healthcare facility design
  • Intricacies in designing a healthcare facility for an emerging market

 Dr. Raja Sekhar Gujju, Chief Executive Officer – Northern Emirates (Affordable Segment), Anglo Arabian Healthcare, United Arab Emirates

Morning Networking and Refreshment Break

Designing an Efficient Process Flow

  • Challenges of designing a seamless process flow for both patients and healthcare providers
  • Benefits of an efficient process flow for both patients and healthcare providers
  • Updates on Tan Tock Seng’s design Master Plan.

Facility Management for an Ageing Hospital

  • Facility Management Issues in an ageing hospital
  • Overcoming the challenges that arises in an ageing hospital
  • Ensuring smooth support to the clinicians

Monojit Mitra, Facility Director, FV Hospital, Saigon, Vietnam

Panel Discussion:
New Developments - Meeting Tomorrow’s Needs with Todays Design

  • Adaptive designs to support an everchanging healthcare landscape
  • Space and structural planning for a flexible healthcare design
  • Best practices in developing a facility with a predictive focus
  • Benefits of having a predictive focus in designing facilities

Yong Seow Kin, Group Director of Facilities Development, SingHealth, Singapore
Goh Mia Siang, Director of Facilities Management, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore*
Christine Flett, Chief Executive Officer & Director of Nursing, St Vincent’s Private Hospital – Werribee, Australia

Networking Lunch

Facility Development and Management

Case Study of Maldives:
Enabling Healthcare Facilities in Remote Locations

  • Healthcare master plan
  • Hospital requirements, design, facilities and emergency clinics   
  • Investments in pipelines
  • Overcoming the challenges in enabling healthcare in remote locations

Preserving the Patient Experience During Major Infrastructure Upgrade Projects

  • Complexities in maintaining patient care through major infrastructure upgrades
  • Identifying key considerations during upgrades
  • Designing a seamless upgrading process

Yong Seow Kin, Group Director of Facilities Development, SingHealth, Singapore

Case Study: Commissioning Process of a Greenfield Hospital

  • Construction of new $95 million health and aged care facility at St Vincent’s Health Australia  
  • Spotlight on key services and facilities needed    
  • Commissioning plan timelines
  • Design and contractor management   
  • CAPEX and OPEX management

Christine Flett, Chief Executive Officer & Director of Nursing, St Vincent’s Private Hospital – Werribee, Australia

Incorporating Flexibility and Modular solutions into Existing Healthcare Facilities
This session will focus on the upward trend of healthcare facilities needing to be flexible to accommodate future requirements and technologies. It will address the challenges of incorporating the space and structural requirements as well as modular design and demountable walls into existing facilities.

For speaking opportunities, please contact Natalie Wee Tel: +65 65082876 | Email:

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Connected Patients and Transforming Care Delivery

Engaging Patients in the Digital World

  • Track, diagnose and deliver treatment via digital monitoring
  • New possibilities and applications of existing technologies
  • How to create meaningful patient-physician dialogue
  • Digitisation of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROM)

Jimmy Ming-Yuan Huang, Senior Physician, Emergency Department, Leader of Digital Health, Innovation Center, MacKay Memorial Hospital, Taiwan

Integrating Technology, Patients and Doctors

  • Empowering patients through technology
  • How can technology bring doctors closer to patients?
  • Consolidating applications and offering more coaching to patients and doctors
  • Attaining better patient outcomes – what worked and did not?

Linus Tham, Group Chief Information Officer, Parkway Pantai Limited

Morning Networking and Refreshment Break

Telemedicine Case Study:
Improving Care through Remote Technology

  • Using smart technologies to improve diabetes care – risk prediction, monitoring, treatment and management
  • How can patient care be improved using the data collected
  • How is this applicable to the other healthcare system?
  • Other digital innovations in the pipeline

Patrick Tan, Deputy Executive Director, Biomedical Research Council, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)

Panel Discussion:
The Role of Technology to Connect Patients in Healthcare

  • Improve self-management through education and remote monitoring - How can the use of technology add value – Administrators, Nurses, Patients
  • Support treatment adherence – how can hospitals achieve?
  • Linking data from bio sensing wearables to electronic patient records
  • Online patient portals
  • Self-monitoring kiosks
  • National health data – will sharing of data be a pro or a con? What are the implications?

Eric Wong, Group Chief Medical Informatics Officer, National Healthcare Group, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Tan Tock Seng Hospital
Dickon Smart-Gill, Corporate Chief Information Officer, Bumrungrad International Hospital
(more panellists to be confirmed)
For speaking opportunity please contact

Case Study: Implementing an Electronic Nursing Care Plan Using Clinical Care Classification in Jiahui International Hospital
Tong Ien Ling, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer, Health Informatics Director, Jiahui International Hospital, Shanghai

Networking Lunch

Connected Providers

Integrating Connected Technology into Aged Care – Spotlight on Telehealth, Telerobotics, Chatbots

  • How healthcare providers can be connected to patients and deliver care?
  • Exploring technologies in various applications to improve age care
  • Elderly’s resistance towards technology – how should we approach it?
  • Case studies

Tan Jit Seng, Vice President of Asia Pacific, Assistive, Rehabilitative and Therapeutic Technologies Network, Chief Technology Officer, Director, Senior Home Care Physician, Lotus Eldercare Technologies

Connected Care:
Bring Together a Network of Healthcare Providers and Partners to Improve Health Outcomes

  • Exploring opportunities for seniors’ care to embrace technology
  • Recognizing the technology opportunities available in healthcare
  • Understanding the possibilities that hi-tech innovation offers productivity
  • Developing best practices that demonstrate excellence in leadership
  • Appreciating the value of in-house technology experts and change leaders

Dan Levitt, Executive Director, Tabor Village, Adjunct Professor, University of British Columbia, Adjunct Professor, Simon Fraser University, Board Member, Global Aging Network

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Legal, Regulatory and Data Privacy Issues

  • Why data protection matters
  • Regulations and guidelines to tighten privacy and security of healthcare data

For speaking opportunity please contact

Cybersecurity in the Digital Healthcare Space

  • What are the cyber threats and risks in the healthcare industry?
  • How can we better protect patients’ data from cyber threats? How do we ensure that they are not gone to the wrong hands?
  • How secure is secured enough?
  • Actual examples and successful implementations

For speaking opportunity please contact

Afternoon Networking & Refreshment Break

Closing Plenary

Panel: Embracing new and innovative healthcare service delivery models

  • Updates on innovative healthcare delivery models in 2018
  • The move towards preventive healthcare – strategies, investment plans, roadmap ahead
  • Personalized medicine – where are we now and where are we heading?
  • The impact of an integrated healthcare delivery system on patient’s experience
  • Market Penetration with new distribution channel and pricing 
  • Connecting Social Insurance, Medicare, Commercial Insurance

Tong Ien Ling, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer, Health Informatics Director, Jiahui International Hospital, Shanghai
Dr. Yi Mien Koh, Managing Director, Health & Employee Benefits, AXA
(more panelists will be confirmed)

End of Conference Day Two

Pre Conference Workshop

Tuesday 9 May 2018, 9am – 1pm
Implementation Strategies for Digital Healthcare  

This workshop aims to provide strategic training for health care professionals and how to implement digital strategy. Highlighting discussions on how to provide health care systems with changing technology, advanced applications on digitally enabled healthcare and share expert knowledge in the field of digital health.

Key Training Course Take Aways

  • Explore ways to shift the perception of digital health from an added benefit to the standard method of receiving health care services
  • Discuss strategies for implementing a system-wide digital health approach for both newly executed and expanding programs
  • Unite mobile and telehealth services to increase access and better coordinate care
  • Promote physician buy-in and engagement in digital health programs
  • Examine direct-to-consumer telehealth and its impact on the health care industry

Workshop Leader:

Dan Levitt
Executive Director, Tabor Village, Adjunct Professor, University of British Columbia, Adjunct Professor, Simon Fraser University, Board Member, Global Aging Network

Dan Levitt is an acclaimed international speaker, elder care leader, writer, and gerontologist, specializing in helping others to create better lives for seniors.  Dan’s purpose is to teach millions of people how to transform the lives of older adults across the globe.  As a popular professional speaker, he has delivered inspiring keynote speeches impacting thousands of people on four continents.  Dan doesn’t tell people where to go but guides them in the direction of where they need to go.  His talks leave the audience with a new mindset on aging needed to thrive in the 21st century.

Post Conference Workshop

Friday 11 May 2018, 9am – 12pm
Digital Health and Insurance: Commercial and Risk Management Strategies for New Business Models 

About this workshop
This workshop will explore how digital health and insurance can be mutually beneficial by enabling insurance companies to get a better handle on the risk of their clients.

Key Training Course Take Aways

  • To examine how digital health can help insurance companies to evaluate risk effectively and provide the basis for a new business model.
  • To explore how the new business models might result in a new paradigm for delivering care more effectively and whether as a result, the population might be better motivated to take greater responsibility for their own health & wellbeing.
  • Value the benefits that such insurance could bring to health & care delivery.
  • Feel how this change might motivate a population in general to take greater responsibility for this own health 

Workshop Leader:

Elaine Chan
Chief Health Officer
Zurich Insurance Company Ltd, Hong Kong