About the conference

Digital Healthcare
With a focus on improved accessibility for patients, innovative healthcare delivery models and enhanced operational efficiency, this conference will amalgamate the views of medical professionals and ICT experts to showcase the latest case studies, implementation success stories and the way forward for adapting to the digital revolution.

Healthcare Facilities
Now in its 5th year, an unmissable event for facility managers, medical professionals, architects, designers and service providers. Looking at new generation facility design concepts, and implications for service delivery, insights will be delivered through case studies from top healthcare establishments and architecture firms.

Health Insurance Asia
The 12th Health Insurance Asia will address the impact and implementation of fintech and digitisation technologies in context to the healthcare sector. Backed up with a focus on product development, pricing strategies and optimisation of sales channels, the conference will help insurance companies enhance competitiveness, and at the same time improve accessibility and medical coverage.

Agenda at a Glance

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